Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Anastacia Markovic
Aired on
RBK, 2014
Number of episodes
Strong in spirit

the documentary cyclus

«Strong in spirit» is a documentary cyclus which tells that it is behind the «ironed» picture of winter Paralympic competitions and rewarding. It is story about efforts of the Russian Paralympic athletes, which could cope both with themselves and with public opinion to force people to perceive physically disabled people as equals, which it is not necessary neither to be afraid of, nor to be hidden as it used to prefer to do at the time of the Soviet Union.

The cyclus was filmed by using the difficult film-making equipment - various optics of cameras, systems of stabilizing, camera dollies and trolleys - authors had to place all the equipment in a large number on different sections of courses, from the different sides of the character and at the different height not to force athletes to do doubles and to be distracted by film-making process. The procedure of video fixing of a daily feat should become imperceptible for characters - nevertheless they haven't got used to media exposure yet and they are incredibly confused and nervous when the camera occupies too much space in the life, full of the most difficult trainings.

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