Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Alexander Zamyslov
Aired on
Channel One “Eurasia”, 2014
Number of episodes
Honours board

Cyclus of documentaries

«Honours board» is a cyclus of documentaries about prominent figures of Qazaqstan. The unique project on Channel One «Eurasia» tells about earlier unknown facts about life of people whom it is possible to call national heroes without exaggeration. They are known not only in Qazaqstan, but also abroad, so it means that they are exactly calling card of the country. In each episode, there is a life story of one person, revealing him from the party, unusual for the viewer. Characters of the film argue on «eternal subjects»: about love and hatred, about friendship and treachery, about success and losses, about everything that they ever had to endure.

In «Honours board» film, there are the rules of our characters' life which they has always conformed to and which have led to their personal becoming, to formation of their character, to the choice of their way of life.

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