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Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Eugene Baranov
Aired on
Channel One, 2011
John the Baptist

The real cave of John the Baptist is found. From now on, legends are not counted. For the first time the clarity appears in the history of the person who christened God. The British scientist-archaeologist Simon Gibson who has found a cave is convinced: evangelical history of the Epiphany is no more than the beautiful myth. The reality is that Christ was one of the favourite pupils of the ascetic and the religious fanatic John. The Baptist possessed the real power over minds of thousands of followers. Also, he paid for it with the head. This film is a big travel to places of the Baptist in attempt to see what is written, to hear what is read, and to reach what has risen from depths of the Holy Land. Whether John was like he is described in books? And whether it is true of his life that was dug out, but was not described? And how did the hand christening God appear in other part of the continent? Did the man who had christened Christ become the teacher of the teacher or he was the Forerunner of Messiah?

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