Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Alexander Zamyslov
Aired on
Russia-1, 2013
When the famine comes

The disaster movie is about a collapse that will happen with inhabitants of the Earth literally in 50 years. It will happen and can seriously change the world map and to become the reason of serious wars. The scientific community warns: by 2050 the population of Earth shall have increased to critical indicators at the expense of the so-called countries of «the third world». Severe shortage of food will come, and the humanity will begin to fight for food. Today the most advanced agriculture and food productions are in Europe which population is gradually reduced so the need for food also decreases. The most backward provisioning is in the countries of Africa where the overpopulation will happen. The mankind is not ready for such turn of events. Besides, the climate changes, and many species of plants disappear. Genetic engineering does not keep up with needs of Earth's inhabitants – people eat quicker than scientists manage, deceiving the nature, to create the plants with a bigger fertility and nutritional value adapted for concrete climate. The food apocalypse is about to come.

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