Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
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Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Vladislav Kolesov
Written by
Alena Kirillova
Aired on
Channel One, 2018
Nicholas the Wonderworker

According to popular beliefs, he brings gifts for Christmas, helps travelers and protects the disadvantaged people. Somewhere his name is Santa Claus, somewhere it is Baba Natal, somewhere Sinterklaas, somewhere Heiliger Nikolaus - but all of them are just one person which name is Saint Nicholas... Nicholas the Wonderworker had never been to Russia, but even Catholics admit that in our country he is most revered than they do. This story is about the phenomenon of St. Nicholas in Russia, more known to us as the Wonderworker.

The film takes place in three countries. One of them is America. Because the Santa Claus, the world's famous Santa Claus, is also Saint Nicholas. To collect the historical puzzle of the spiritual path of the Holy, the film crew visited the national Santa Claus of USA and Canada in New York. One of the scenes of the film takes place on board the ship "Kruzenshtern" in Russian Kaliningrad. Several characters of the film live in another maritime city, the Italian Bari. Here, in the Catholic basilica, the relics of St. Nicholas have been preserved for almost a thousand years. And part of the holy relics was sent to Russiait from here in May 2017.

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