Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Valeriya Potapova
Aired on
Channel One, 2010
Nursultan. The big game of the president

He was born in a year before the USSR entered in the most large-scale war in the history. Son of the Qazaq shepherd, now he is one of the most influential politicians of Asia. He became the first president in the history of Qazaqs. And thanks to him, the world knows that Qazaqstan exists. The closest people tell about him. The oldest daughter Dariga, younger Aliya, the grandson Nurali who calls him «atashka»… The Nazarbayev’s history teacher waits for the visit of the president, and the schoolmate tells how once in time of youth Nursultan said that he would become the big chief.

Nursultan Nazarbayev will also tell about himself. He will tell how and why he had to declare the daughter’s husband internationally wanted, how had been accustoming the Qazaq people that he is not the main in the country, but the law. He will tell when and why he cried. And he didn't hesitate of the tears.

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