Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Natalia Shtonda, featuring Fekla Tolstaya
Aired on
Channel One, 2010
The scorched

There might be more than 200 characters in that film, but only few have lived up to shootings. They died suddenly, and in the morning, their relatives woke up absolutely different persons – with the scorched souls, doomed to mourn so ridiculous death of the loved person, eternally. Not only ordinary people, but also courageous heroes become the accidental victims of tragic events – collapses, explosions, terrorist acts – in attempts to save those ones who got into trouble or to warn them against danger. Twice heavy freight lies on hearts of such heroes' relatives, if pain of loss of the loved person can be measured in general. They selflessly and voluntarily went to the epicenter of the tragedy…

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