Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Olga Lyubimova
Aired on
Channel One, 2010
The priest’s wives

The mother or the priest's wife – before revolution in Russia it had been the whole estate, huge driving force. The wife of the priest is almost the director of collective farm or the head of rural parish, so she is the first person in the village. Often, the mother is a silent prayer, the helpmate and the defender for the poor and orphans. At the time of revolution and after it, the priest's wife was the enemy of the people. They had passed the hell and a hash of GULAG women's penal colonies, tree cuttings and those 10 years of incommunicado, and only much later the family knew there was nobody to communicate with a long time ago. And just because suddenly a beloved wife of the priest became the enemy of the people, the helper of the world evil, the spy, the criminal. Decades of the Soviet power, and all got up on the places to stop the line «the priest's wife» in the biography being a reason for sneers. This film tells not only about those mothers heroines, wives of Decembrists who had passed together with priests through emigration trials and the return to the new Soviet homeland, but also about the one who are the modern priests wives.

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