Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
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Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Written by
Olga Lyubimova
Aired on
Channel One, 2009
The way of the Patriarch

In memory of Alexi the Second

This film is not the biography of the His Holiness Patriarch Alexi the Second, it is not about memorable and significant events. This film tells about people who were near the Patriarch both at difficult Soviet years and at not less difficult Post-Soviet. About those, for whom leaving of the Head of church is a personal tragedy. In front of you is the image of the Patriarch Alexi, created not thanks to a news and digests of events from life of one of the state’s top officials, but the image of the Head of Church with eyes of those people who saw him as the person, first of all… lonely, the seriously ill, and at the same time surprisingly strong, light and viable.

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