Premier    Documentary    Movie    Fellowship
movie fellowship
Directed by
Alexander Zamyslov
Anna Linnik
Written by
Eugene Baranov
Aired on
Channel One, 2010
Flight 970

Once there used to be noisy, in the main hall of the Sukhumi airport, one of the best airport in the Union. During a season, the airport had been accepting over 2500 passengers daily and had been sending the same numbers. The war spared the airport. Ruin is the result of oblivion. The sky over Abkhazia had been closed for civil aviation for 18 years. Today, many years later after the flight, Zaura Ashba, the commander of crew Tu-134, hardly remembers the number of flight. The 970th – Sukhumi-Moscow. For last years in his life paradoxically both all and nothing has changed. That country which for years had been growing him up as the first-class pilot, the country which he flew over with the crew in every direction, doesn't exist anymore. Zaura brought here, in mountainous village of Pskhu, a message that Russia 15 years later had recognized existence of their country as the independent state, just as for years before had been bringing here newborns and grain, matches and fuel, newspapers and drugs.

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